Anna Reber

Anna Reber

About Me.

Business Informatics Specialist in Compilation

I am currently studying Business Informatics at the FFHS in Bern since more than two years. My enthusiasm and inquisitiveness is still increasing every day despite the time that has passed.

One of my goals is to build up my IT know-how as broadly as possible and then to deepen my knowledge in IT security and hardening.


Personal Information

  • Name Anna Sophia Reber
  • Age 27 Years
  • Location Schönbühl BE
  • Email


Build up Knowledge

My goal is to gain basic knowledge in many IT areas. I am very curious and happy to learn new things every day.

IT Security

Security is one of the most important topics in today's IT and should become my focus area.

Social Interaction

The behavior of people on the internet fascinates me and I want to know how it will influence our future.

Hands-on experience

I would like to combine my knowledge with practice and learn how IT works in daily business.

Contact me.

    Urtenen-Schönbühl, CH